Test Clear Powdered Urine Review: Unboxing and Testing

Adrian Bennett

By Dr. Adrian Bennett

Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), Master’s degree in Clinical Pharmacology

Updated on 2024 May 16

Fact checked by Amelia Richardson

In this post, I will review TestClear powdered urine. It’s a popular synthetic urine kit used to pass drug tests.

This urine has its downsides, and I will discuss them here. I got this kit, and I’ll unbox it and test if it really passes the urine validity test and if it can be used for passing a drug test.

testclear powdered syntehtic urine

However, I didn’t find any reviews that said it failed the drug test or validity test.

I’ll also tell you the pros and cons of TestClear synthetic urine.

Kit contents

testclear powdered urine contents

  • Vial with powdered urine
  • Temperature strip
  • Plastic container for the mixture
  • 2 toe warmers
  • Set of instructions


TestClear has been on the market for a long time, and they are experienced in manufacturing synthetic urine, so I assume the quality is good.

I also used a medical-grade test strip to check if the natural parameters of the urine are within the normal range. As you can see in the photo below, the pH is about 6.5, and the specific gravity is 1.010, which are normal parameters for human urine. So, TestClear urine will pass the validity check.

testclear validity test

It also comes in powdered form, making it easy to store, and it doesn’t have an expiry date. Well, actually it does have an expiry date, as it’s required by the foverment, but actually it can last for years.

There’s enough urine for one use.

The container is cylindrical, which is strange to me because having a flat bottle is more convenient to hide on your body, but a cylindrical bottle works too.

testclear powdered urine in a bottle

The kit comes with a temperature strip, which allows you to control the temperature before submitting it. As a heating option, there are toe warmers that produce heat once opened. You should stick them to the bottle, and they will keep it warm for up to 8 hours. I’ll discuss the usage of them below.

toe warmers

The packaging was discreet, and the shipping was fast. I received the urine the day after ordering, which is great.


Let’s get to the downsides of this kit. Unfortunately, there are many.

First, there’s enough urine for only one use. You can mix the urine powder with up to 50 ml of water. They say on the website that you can mix with 75 ml, but adding more water will dilute the sample. Most drug tests require 30 ml of urine, but DOT tests require 45 ml.

So, you can use it for one DOT drug test. Considering the price of $60, it’s too much for one use and lacks other options. There are better synthetic urine kits for this price.

Next is the bottle. I don’t like that it’s cylindrical because it’s not convenient to place it in your crotch area or in a stash leg belt. A flat bottle is better, in my opinion. But let’s say that’s just a subjective thought.

The bottle cap doesn’t look spill-proof. Well, to be honest, I tested it. As you can see in the photo below, it doesn’t leak. But it feels loose. It doesn’t give confidence that it won’t spill in your pocket or underwear.

testclear powdered urine upside down 2

Now to the heating options. TestClear includes toe warmers in this kit. I went to the website of the warmer manufacturer. These warmers produce up to 115°F heat, which will certainly overheat the urine. It can also burn your skin if it touches it.

These warmers need 15-30 minutes to activate. After activation, they’ll need 15-30 more minutes to warm the bottle from room temperature to body temperature.

So, you’ll need 30-60 minutes just to make the urine warm enough. Other brands include special heat pads with fewer heating elements, so they produce the exact amount of heat needed and don’t overheat the urine.

These toe warmers don’t have an adhesive side, so you’ll need a rubber band or something to keep the warmer close to the bottle. Such bands are not included, so you’ll need to get one somewhere.

The last con is the temperature strip. First, it’s not the one displayed on the website. They show a wide strip stuck to the bottle, but you get a cheaper, narrow strip that you have to attach yourself. The included strip is good, but it’s different from what they show on their website, and that’s strange.

temperature strip on a website vs actual

In conclusion, I can understand using all that to reduce the price. But considering the smaller amount of urine you get for the price, and that you are getting a DIY kit that lacks sneaking options, the price is not reasonable.


  1. Potassium chloride: This ingredient helps maintain the right balance of electrolytes in the urine, making it more natural.
  2. Sodium chloride: Also known as table salt, sodium chloride adds to the salt content of urine, providing a realistic taste and smell.
  3. Urea: Urea is a major component of urine that helps maintain its osmotic balance and gives it its characteristic odor.
  4. Sodium phosphate: This compound assists in regulating the acidity of the urine, ensuring it falls within the normal pH range.
  5. Powdered uric acid: Uric acid is naturally present in urine and adds to its overall chemical makeup, making the synthetic urine closely resemble the real thing.

Can TestClear powdered urine be detected on a drug test?

No. There are actually two methods of detecting synthetic urine. The first method is gas chromatography. The second method is test strips. Both methods look for specific components that are present in synthetic urine or for components that are present in natural urine and absent in synthetic urine.

Gas chromatography is a very expensive method and is used only in rare cases, like court-ordered or confirmation tests when your drug test shows positive. Test strips to detect synthetic urine are cheaper and are commonly used during drug testing.

TestClear’s urine formula is good and doesn’t contain components that can be detected by special tests like UrineCheck or similar.

TestClear urine vs Quick Fix

testclear powdered urine vs quick fix

Quick Fix is a budget brand. It costs less than TestClear at just $40 for a 3 oz size, almost the same volume as TestClear urine. TestClear urine costs $60.

Quick Fix has a very basic formula. It contains urea and uric acid. It has the right proportion of creatinine and is balanced for pH and specific gravity. It looks like urine. It’s good enough as long as it passes as normal. I’m not sure if it will pass the validity check by the lab. You get one heat pad for maintaining the temperature.

With TestClear urine, you get a high-quality formula that definitely passes the validity test. Think about whether you want to risk using Quick Fix.

The price for Quick Fix is good. If nothing else is available, or you are looking to buy locally, it’s the best option you will find. But compared to TestClear urine, if you have the money, there is only one you should consider.

How to use

  • Pour the powdered urine from the small vial into the larger 50 ml tube.
  • Fill the tube with water up to the brim. Securely screw on the blue cap.
  • Shake it well until the powder is fully dissolved. Stick the temperature strip on the front of the 50 ml tube.
  • Open the heater package, peel off the paper from one heater, and attach it to the tube’s backside, directly opposite the temperature strip.
  • Before the test, ensure the temperature reads between 90-100°F (32-37°C).

Hide the urine on your body

Hiding synthetic urine is important. When you arrive for the test, the drug test collector will ask you to empty your pockets. If they see anything unusual, they might watch you pee into a cup, which is awkward. To avoid this, stash the synthetic urine bottle securely on your body.

The crotch area or bra are classic spots. For more sneaky methods, check our guide on how to sneak synthetic urine into a drug test.

Tips and tricks

Always have questions ready? It’s a good idea to call or email before your test.

Double-check the urine temperature before the test; it should be between 90°F and 100°F (32°C and 37°C). If it’s not in that range, you might have a very personal audience during your test.

Start with room temperature water since the heater will warm it. One heater should be enough unless you’re in a hurry.

If you can’t see a reading on the temperature strip, don’t worry. It’s either too cold or too hot, but trust the strip; it’s accurate.

If the urine feels too cold, wait for the heater to work. If it’s too warm, remove the cap and heater and gently blow on it.

Ensure the heater isn’t too close to the temperature strip. You want the strip reading the urine, not the heater.

Rubber bands or tape can be used to fit the heater to the tube snugly.

Keep the heater on unless the urine is too hot. Aim to stay in the 90-99°F range.

If your test requires more than 50 ml, bring a small vial of water to dilute the sample to at least 75 ml. Lastly, consider buying extra heaters. They’re helpful if your test gets postponed.

How to practice on water

Getting the temperature right is crucial, and practicing with water can help. Start by filling the tube with hot water from the sink. The temperature should go above 100°F. Gently blow on the liquid. Watch as the temperature indicator shifts into the desired 90-99°F range.

This simple exercise serves two purposes. First, it familiarizes you with the temperature indicator on the strip, so you know what to look for during the test. Second, it teaches you how to cool the sample if it gets too hot, specifically if it crosses the 100°F mark.

So, remember: practice makes perfect, and a little rehearsal with water can go a long way!

Manufacturer, support, and certificates

This is a product of TestClear Drug Testing Advisors. The company was established in 1995, and its headquarters is in Redmond, WA, 98053, USA. You can call them at +1 866-837-8253 or contact them online via support@testclear.com, https://twitter.com/testclear on Twitter, and https://web.facebook.com/testclear on Facebook.

Their website address is https://www.testclear.com, but there is no evidence that the firm is certified.


TestClear powdered urine can be used for passing a drug test. However, considering the cons and the price, I cannot recommend it.

There are several other options that are more reliable and convenient to use. This urine does the job but has some downsides and requires preparation.

If you are looking for an all-inclusive solution, use Incognito Belt or Quick Luck.

Disclaimer: The content provided on this website is intended solely for educational purposes. We do not endorse or encourage the use of synthetic urine for illegal or unethical activities. It is the responsibility of the reader to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Any decision to use synthetic urine based on the information provided is at the reader’s own risk and discretion. We explicitly disclaim any liability for illegal or unethical use of such materials.