Washington Global Health Fund Announces 2012 Grantees

Three Innovative Washington Companies Receive Grants for Global Health Work

SEATTLE – (Nov 21, 2011) –Aseptica Inc, SpringStar Inc, and SIGN Fracture Care International have been awarded grants by the Washington Global Health Fund (WGHF) in order to further global health commercialization efforts. WGHF’s grant competition provides funding to organizations developing technologies and programs to address global health, agricultural and chronic disease issues.

The 2012 Grantees:

  • Aseptica, Inc, established in 2001, is located in Port Orchard, WA. Aseptica has developed a novel agent which can be used to disinfect catheters and other medical devices and will replace less effective products currently on the market. Catheter-caused infections are common in the developed and developing world and are extremely difficult to treat in low-resource settings. WGHF is providing $100,000 in funds that will be matched by angel investors to create 4 jobs in manufacturing and distribution of their product. http://www.aseptica.net/
  • SpringStar, Inc, established in 1998, is located in Woodinville, WA. SpringStar specializes in effective, nontoxic and environmentally safe pest control products. WGHF awarded SpringStar $75,000 to hire two staff to produce and market a Trap-N-Kill (TNK) product aimed at mosquitoes carrying dengue fever. Dengue fever is widespread in developing countries and has reappeared in southern United States and has no treatment options. The Lethal Ovitrap technology is exclusively licensed from the Department of Defense, a funding partner for this project. http://springstar.net
  • SIGN Fracture Care International, established in 1998, is located in Richland, WA. SIGN designs and manufactures orthopaedic implants for use after traffic accidents, a leading cause of injury and death in the developing word. Their devices are used by surgeons in over 40 countries worldwide. WGHF awarded SIGN $15,000 matching grant to hire staff to obtain FDA approval and ISO certification on two new devices: a pediatric nail and a hip plate. This is the second grant WGHF has awarded to SIGN. http://www.signfracturecare.org/

“We are honored to be recognized by the Washington Global Health Fund for our innovative solution to dengue fever,” said Michael Banfield, President of SpringStar Inc . “This grant jumpstarts the future of innovation in our state and positions us to positively impact millions of people globally who are at risk for this disease.”

“Getting this grant has a major impact on our company’s ability to commercialize our product,” said David Hatton, President and CEO at Aseptica Inc. “Aseptica has already confirmed matching funding, which combined with the generous grant from Washington Global Health Fund allows Aseptica to complete CE Mark and FDA filing simultaneously. Aseptica expects to have product available in 2012. The opportunity to prevent the unnecessary deaths associated with catheter-infections in both developed and developing countries will be a tremendous step forward in improving healthcare everywhere. Aseptica will be adding staff immediately to meet our 2012 manufacturing and regulatory goals.”

“SIGN is grateful to receive funding for a second time,” said Jeanne Diller, CEO of SIGN Fracture Care International. “The first grant allowed us to hire four positions in engineering and manufacturing. This funding will allow is to hire a consultant to assist us with obtaining ISO 13495 certification which will allow us to continue distributing to Vietnam and to expand to other countries. “

The Fund was introduced by Washington State legislature to stimulate the economy and foster job creation in the emerging field of global health while improving the health of people locally and internationally. Grants were awarded in amounts up to $100,000.

Applicants were judged based on the potential for the project to improve global health, and ability to quickly generate jobs in Washington State.

The request for proposals was issued in October 2012 and selections were conducted by a review panel consisting of WGHF board members.

About Washington Global Health Fund

The mission of the Washington Global Health Fund (WGHF) is to accelerate the commercialization of global health technologies and expand the global health sector in Washington state. WGHF was formed in 2010 by the Washington State Legislature to encourage job growth and continued innovation in the global health sector. For more information about the Washington Global Health Fund, visit http://www.wghfund.org/