Grants totaling $425,000 have been awarded for 2024. For more information on this year’s grantees, please visit the Washington Global Health Alliance website.

$808,000 Has been awarded in funding, creating jobs across the state and benefiting individuals throughout the world.

Our 2024 Grantees Include

Improving the Quality of Drug Testing MethodsThe Washington Global Health Fund (WGHF) was established to improve the quality of drug testing and promote job creation in the global health sector in Washington State.

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Developing Microfluidic Devices for Drug TestingDeveloping Microfluidic devices for drug testing holds great promise for improving the accuracy and precision of drug testing. As the CEO of the Washington Global Health Fund, I am committed to advancing this technology and bringing it to market.

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Aseptica, Inc.A novel agent used to disinfect catheters and other medical devices in the developing world.

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Mirador BiomedicalPressure sensing device for diagnosing compartment syndrome

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Cascade Designs, Inc.Chlorine-solution producing device for water treatment and sanitation.

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BURN Design LabClean-burning, charcoal cook stoves to improve indoor air quality in East Africa.

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PRONTO InternationalPRONTOPack: curriculum and supplies to aid birth simulations in low-resource settings.

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SIGN Fracture Care InternationalWorking to obtain FDA approval and ISO certification on a pediatric nail and a hip plate.

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WGHF facilitates grants to support commercialization.

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In addition to monetary support, WGHF introduced us to members of Washington State’s global health community, including SIGN, a company who develops and distributes an innovative internal fixation device to treat severe bone fractures in the developing world. This is a great example of how you brought together two companies working in the global health space and made a real impact.Justin Hulvershorn, MD, PhD. Chief Science Officer, Mirador Biomedical

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